I grew up with my father listening to classical music and mother to rock n roll. I learned to play the piano, but was more fascinated by the guitar. After discovering Jimi Hendrix, I had to play it. Starting out on a Nylon string, practising the chords to Hey Joe, I soon set out to buy a used Fender Stratocaster. I still play it to date, now 30 years later.

Although I played in two bands, we never really got into gigging much, yet my musical journey continued as a red thread through my life. Playing music became like meditation to me, a place to relax.

Lately, I have become adamant to play live and I have focused my attention to finding the right gear and building skills to compose, play and communicate music. A steady beat, creative song-writing, a good sense of composition, recording and mixing tracks. The process resulted into me having live jamming sessions with myself, in which I practise my instruments and singing in the context of live music. I am creating songs on the fly. Practicing the art of making music. I now wish to share my key learnings with you, to experience real life what does and doesn't seem to work. To hear it, feel it, see it. For the love of live music.



One of the hardest questions to answer is what musical genre I play. I often don't know, but what I play is somehow rooted in the many soundtracks of my life. The songs in the Masterclass will include Rock, Blues & Folk tracks and may well include Hip & Funky Neo-Classical Ambient Soft-Metal Soul-Punk Techno tracks. And whatever else you may throw in the mix. Sounds OK? I've added some examples below to get a feel for what I may play.

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