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I grew up with my father listening to classical music and mother to rock n roll. I learned to play the piano, but was more fascinated by the guitar. After discovering Jimi Hendrix, I had to play it. Starting out on a Nylon string, practising the chords to Hey Joe, I soon set out to buy a used Fender Stratocaster. I still play it to date, now 30 years later.

Playing music became like meditation to me, a place to relax. I mainly play acoustic steel string guitar and electric guitar, but love playing a variety of instruments that help me make music.  

In the last few years I have invested in a live looping set-up, so I can practice guitar whist making music. I am building skills to compose, play and communicate music. A steady beat, creative song-writing, a good sense of composition, recording and mixing tracks. Essentially, I am having live jam sessions with myself, in which I practise my instruments by making live music. Creating songs on the fly. Practicing the art of making music.


I wish to share my learnings with you, to experience the fun of practicing by making live music. To hear it, to feel it, to see it work. For the love of live music.


What we play is somehow rooted in the many soundtracks of our lives. The songs in the Group Guitar Lessons and Workshops will include Rock, Blues, Folk and Alternative tracks. It may well include Hip & Funky, Neo-Classical, Ambient, Reggae-Metal-Soul-Punk, Techno tracks and/or whatever else you may throw in the mix. I'll try to balance your musical interests with what I think are great songs to learn as a group.

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